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Top Queen-Sized Loft Beds Buying Guide

Innovation these days mostly revolves around scaling down the size of objects and scaling up their efficiency to meet consumer expectations. This might come as a shock to many, but that is a growing trend even in interior design where spaces saving furniture designs are being embraced.

Long gone are days when most people in cities had too much space in their house that they struggle to fill with furniture and decorations. These days rental charges have skyrocketed, and it’s almost impossible to get an apartment with adequate floor space.

This has created a need for furniture designs that save on space and offer consumers additional features, eliminating the need for them to spend on other furniture.  If you are looking to save space, then a queen-sized loft bed is just the right furniture for the job.

There are several queen-sized loft bed designs and models in the market, and even though most of these products are designed to save you space, some designs have proven to be more reliable than others.

On the upside, several products’ availability to choose from gives you options as you can make comparisons between them. However, this can present a lot of challenges, especially if you are doing it for the first time, and you do not know what to look for.

I have compiled a list of some of the best queen-sized loft beds that will save you space and bring an aesthetic touch in your bedroom or apartment.

1. Acme Furniture

The first item on our queen-sized loft bed is the Acme Limbra queen bed by acme furniture.  It is made of durable and robust metal; this product will serve you for an entire lifetime. The product only weighs 122 pounds for its relatively large measurements of 63 x 63 x 65 inches.

With its black sand finish and excellent design, this product will decorate your space while saving you space. Its ingenious design, you will not have to worry about squeezing yourself in and out of the lower banker as it will offer you enough space and an easy time to do so.

One thing that I love about this product is the ample under bed storage it offers. The space is quite big enough to accommodate even up to six under bin storage. This can be a real savior, especially to people who have minimal space.

Unlike most products that target specific users, the Limbra queen loft bed can be used by almost anybody as its design not only offers comfort but also has your safety in mind. 

Its stable ladder, together with full-length double guardrails, eliminates the risk of falling while climbing on the top bunker. Assembling a bunk can’t get any easier than with this product.

No particular skill is required to assemble the item as the manufacturer offers a detailed, easy-to-follow manual that will guide you through the whole process. If anything goes wrong within the first sixty days, you can always return it to the seller and have it replaced.


  • The product offers plenty of under bed storage
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has an excellent design.


  • Relatively expensive compared to other products.
  • The product has limited finishing options.

2. Francis Lofts and Bunks

Another great product is the queen size adult loft by Francis Lofts and bunks.  This 88 x 61 x 51.5-inch aluminum loft bed can exceptionally serve you or your kids. Thanks to its well thought out design and features, I can guarantee your satisfaction.

Due to the durability and heavy-duty nature of aluminum, you can be assured that it will serve you for a lifetime. The bed size is usually large enough to offer ample space for both kids and adults. It also has a ladder and a side rail to facilitate smooth movements on and off the bed.

One feature that a lot of customers appreciate about this product is how much space its design offers. Underneath the top bunker, there is plenty of space that you can design to take care of your needs. The applications are endless; all it takes is a little bit of creativity.

Some people, especially students, tend to convert this space into a study area by merely adding a chair, a table, and a study lamp. You can even modify the space to fit your pet’s house.

The product comes in a bold charcoal color, which blends well with most interior surfaces. This, together with its stylish design, adds a touch of decoration in any space.

Assembling this product is quite easy. If it is your first time setting up a bed, the user manual will offer you all the guidance you need. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a 30 day free trial period within which you can always return the product if need be.


  • The product is highly durable
  • It has an elegant design
  • Does not need special skills to assemble


  • The product is relatively expensive compared to others in the same category
  • Some users consider it unsafe for children

3. Acme Furniture

Acme twin XL over queen bunk bed by acme furniture is also a product worth having. It weighs 129 pounds and it was diligently crafted to take care of all your needs. 

It is excellent by growing families that need extra space but has a limited budget. You can easily fit a twin XL mattress on the top bed as the product has a 22+22 slate system. Another great thing about it is that you can quickly assemble it together by just following the manual.

Made of steel frames, this product is durable enough to handle a lot of weight for many years without wearing out or collapsing. For ease of use, the product has an in build ladder with easily accessible guide rails making it quite safe to use.

It also saves space by offering you plenty of under bed storage capacity. You can fit boxes and suitcases underneath it and easily retrieve them whenever you need to. Its slick gunmetal finish gives it a beautiful appearance that will decorate your room.


  • The product offers double sleeping space
  • It is durable
  • It has plenty of steel slates.


  • There have been complaints about it being shaky.
  • It is quite an expensive product.

4. Furniture of America

If you love stylish industrial designs, then the queen Over Queen bed by Furniture of America is the one to go after. Made of pure metal and measuring 68.3 x 64.63 x 82.63-inch measurement, the queen Over Queen bunker bed has an irresistible black antique color that pleases many.

The product is famous for its heavy-duty and sturdy features thanks to its metallic parts. It also has two fully functional bunkers that help maximize space. You can also use the under bed space as an additional storage space for your boxes and case.

For safety measurement, the product comes with a convenient step ladder reinforced with guard rails making it safe for both kids and adults. Step ladders tend to take up relatively lesser space giving you more space for additional design and decoration. 

One thing that you are doing to like about this product is that it comes with a ready mattress. This coupled with the ease of assembling, guarantees that you can start using it almost immediately after buying it.


  • The product is shipped with a ready mattress
  • It has an elegant industrial design
  • It is affordable


  • Assembling the product requires more than one person
  • Knowledge of weight limit restrictions is required before shopping.

5. Acme Furniture 

Made of metallic metal tubes queen over queen bed by Acme furniture is the last item on our review list.  The product is uniquely made of dark bronze and finished by a hand brush coat in sandy black color. It is a masterpiece of its kind.

Your kid’s safety is guaranteed when using this bed, thanks to its adequately designed safety features. The bed has smooth guard rails that help kids climb and ascend from the bed; it also has a wooden fence around it that prevents kids from falling off the top banker.

Although the product is sold as a double bunker bed, you can easily convert it into an individual bed. This is made possible by how easy assembling this product is. For comfort, it offers, one might argue that the product is underpriced.


  • The product retails at a relatively lower price
  • Assembling it can be quite easy
  • Separable into two beds.


  • Parts can only be sourced from the manufacturer
  • It is shaky when moved.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Queen Loft Bed

It is always a rule of thumb to have a clear cut list of specifications when shopping to ensure that you make the right choice. The same rule is applicable when shopping for a queen size loft bed. Knowing what to look for will not only save you time but will also make the experience tolerable.

I have come up with five factors that will guide you on your quest to buy a product that will meet your expectations. Space requirements, cost of the product, product’s weight limit, and durability are some of the most vital aspects you should consider when looking for a product.

Space Requirements

Perhaps this is the most crucial factor to think of when buying a loft bed. Most people go for these products intending to save space. It is, therefore, vital that you select a product that will help you accomplish that goal.

You should first have the dimensions of the place where the bed is intended to be placed then use those dimensions to select the product of a compatible size. Going for a product that won’t fit or will take up most of the space in your room is counterproductive.

Pay close attention to the product’s design to understand just how the product will save you space. Look for additional features like storage compartments, drawers, and under bed storage. These features work well In supplementing the space-saving capacity of the product.

If you stay alone, a loft would be an excellent choice as it will give you a beautiful comfy sleeping spot and plenty of space to customize into a study area or anything that meets your needs. If you have a roommate, then a bunker should be the way to go.


The cost of getting bunk bed should also be taken into consideration before ordering one. This refers to how much money you will have to spend on purchasing and maintaining the product. Failure to factor in this consideration might have implications, especially when you have a fixed budget.

Most loft beds are made of durable wood and heavy-duty metallic parts; therefore, they tend to have a low maintenance cost. However, a good number of them are sold at a steep price depending on several factors, including their brand, material, and additional features they come with.

You should be aware of additional hidden costs that might arise from buying an item as some products will require parts purchased separately. For instance, some manufacturers ship bunk beds without Bunkie boards. Getting these will cost you more money.

Weight Limit

Even though most queen-sized loft beds are sturdy and will support almost any human weight, some are designed to work with a specific weight limit. Products made of metallic parts are usually more robust compared to those made of wood.

You should have an approximate weight of whoever is going to use it as it might guide you in selecting the right product. Exceeding the weight limit of a product will reduce its shelf life, but it will also put your life at risk as you can quickly get hurt if it collapses on you.


Safety is also another factor in considering whether you are buying the product for kids or adults. Bunkers designed to be used by kids should be well designed to lower the risk of accidents as much as possible.

Kids and sometimes adults get hurt when climbing to the top bunker. Most of these accidents are caused by unstable steps or guardrails, which tend to break off after some time. You should make sure that the product has adequate safety features in place.

Some products designed for kids have gripped guardrails and a fence around them to reduce the risk of kids falling from the side. You should do a safety valuation, depending on whoever will be using the product.


Having a product warranty relieves you of any additional expenses on damages that may occur when using the product. Different manufacturers offer different warranties on their products. In most cases, a prolonged warranty will vouch for the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Though rare, some manufacturers offer risk-free trial periods. Such features are great as they give you a chance to try out the product to see if it meets your needs; if not, you can always take it back to the seller.

Some manufactures even have warranties guaranteeing you free parts if your product breaks down within the protected period. You should settle for an option that gives you reasonable coverage from breakdowns or damages.


Apart from saving you space, loft beds also act as a decoration in your space. When choosing a product, you should give more weight to those with designs and appearances that are appealing to you.

It is almost certain that that would be the first object someone will see when visiting your place in a small room. Take your time and select one that will blend in with your space in terms of color and design.


From experience, we strongly recommend to you the Acme Limbra queen bunk bed. This is the market’s ruling product as it offers comfort and unmatched aesthetic touch thanks to its stylish design.

Its rather large size measuring 63 x 63 x 55 inches offers ample space for kids and adults. This is a product that can access server both you and your kids. It is also one of the strongest and most durable products in the market as it is made of metallic parts.

You can bet on this product as far as safety is concerned. Apart from its strong design, the product has additional features, including its stable ladder and full-length double guardrails, eliminating the risk of falling while climbing on the top bunker.

If the product’s black sand finish look doesn’t get to you, then its space-saving abilities will. The product features ample under bed storage big enough to store up to 6 under bin storage. This can be helpful, especially when dealing with limited floor space.

Unlike other products that need special skills to put together, the Acme Limbra, bunk bed, is the easiest to assemble. The product is shipped together with a detailed step by a step user manual that will guide you through the process of setting it up. You can even do it alone!

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