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Top Loft Beds for Home

Growing up as a kid, finding exposure to remarkably comfortable, multi-purpose and convenient home furniture was always out of the scenario, probably because back then, inventors may have lacked a taste for style.

Essentially, they failed to notice the niche and unique satisfaction some creations could offer!

 However, right now as I sit back and ponder how modern loft bed designs have saved me money and space throughout the years, I can’t help but thank the same inventors who achieved a milestone in the industry.

These beds are not designed for sleeping alone. They are often designed with comfortable desks beside or under the bed structure. Therefore, you can indulge in a home library experience and still rest just above your bookstore. Isn’t that convenient?

Additionally, loft beds save you a lot of space within the room, space you’d otherwise have used to store your clothes, shoes or any other stuff. There’s also no age limit to usability.

I just crossed the three decade age mark last summer but still can’t get over the suitability of the loft bed in my room. In case you have a kid and plan on surprising him or her with a great bedroom accessory, then this is the way to go.

Over the years, I’ve experienced the comfort as well as exasperation with multiple loft beds. To find the model I currently own, it hasn’t been a bed of roses. As we compiled this guide, we were keen to sift down every bit of information down to the last grain.

Join us as we succor to discover the loft bed design that best suits your penuries.

1. DHP-Junior


The sleek design of this bed would make you wonder if it’s made of metal or glass. It’s metal of course. Regardless, this is the best consideration for your child’s room as it’s completely accessorized with a kid’s ‘world.’

It’s unsophisticated design is the major reason for its suitability and reliability. The model is available in multiple shades hence blends perfectly with many backdrop themes.

The tip of the iceberg is that it’s averagely priced, no need to worry because you won’t spend an arm and a leg for a multi-purpose bed.

Restraining rails were built on the sides to safeguard children and prevent occupants from falling off in the middle of the night.


  • It’s ladder is well slanted. Children will easily access the top.
  • The little expanse below the bed can be maximized for children, by stuffing the space with model animals, modifying it to a playground. You can also add a desk for your kid to enjoy drawing from.
  • The bed can easily be put together for use.


  • The space underneath the top baloney isn’t large enough to fit a desk for adults.

2. DHP Junior with Slide


This bed will get your children up and about every time they need to play. It goes as far as providing a slanting slide for your children to slump in whenever they’re fiddling or getting out of bed in the mornings.

It has supporting strips so you won’t need a box spring. It’s an affordable loft bed. You can purchase it without needing as much as a lifelong investment. On to usability, you can create a playground below the bed structure for your kids.

You don’t have to worry about the bed collapsing one morning and hurting your loved one in the process. It supports weights as heavy as 200 pounds, meaning they’ll do just fine.


  • The bed is stable. It’s strong as it holds 200 pounds comfortably.
  • It’s affordable.
  • DHP Junior is a durable bed. It also has supporting strips that exempt the need for a box spring.
  • You can as well create a playground beneath the bunk’s skeleton.
  • The slanting slide doubles as a play glide and skimming access from the bed to the ground.


  • Sharp edges that aren’t covered may cause injuries to small children while they play.

3. Walker Edison


Walker Edison is made of concrete metal. It has a solid build that doesn’t give in to heavy weights. The model will support 250 lbs of weight, so it’s perfect for most adults. You won’t need a box spring with the Walker Edison. Ancillary flanks are in place to give ample support.

Different parts of the bed have been built with sturdy materials which barely surrender to pressure and the wearing effect of time. You can proudly pass on the design to your son or nephew when time catches up.

Heavy duty guard rails have been installed to provide maximum safety to users. The ladder you need for climbing is strongly built to support your weight. The supporting staves are made of metal and they are long enough to fit a chair or a working station underneath.


  • This loft bed can be assembled in a jiffy.
  • It saves space especially for a college going student living with several roommates.
  • Guard rails will prevent occupants from falling.
  • There’s enough room between the staves for a luxury chair or working table.


  • It takes relatively longer to assemble.

4. CANWOOD Whistler


Made of rubber wood and a few other amalgams, CANWOOD offers a safe solution to your housing needs. It’s not only designed to keep you cozy and warm in bed but also ensure that you are unscathed and sound throughout.

Metallic adjoining was incorporated to enhance stability of the model. The obvious color promoted by manufacturers is the basic white. However, four other pennants are available.

It’s considered one of the safest beds because its ladder is securely fastened to the berth’s foot. Guarding inveighs will keep children safe through the night by ensuring they don’t fall over. You can also fit the twin-mattress to the bed without any problems.


  • CANWOOD Whistler meets any safety standards set by checking agencies.
  • Guard rails were put in place to minimize chances of falling.
  • The ladder is tightly fitted to the bed’s foot. It’s stable.
  • The model has a one year warranty.


  • Smaller parts of the bed pose choking threats to younger children.

5.  DHP X-Loft


This model from DHP saves a lot of space as it comes with a desk. Furthermore, the bed comfortably holds a regular twin mattress and serves as the perfect sleeping option for any college going student.

The twin mattress is buyable separately. For safety of the user, safety rails are included on both sides. This minimizes accidents from falls. There’s a ladder on the front which supports a huge range of weights.

The maximum holding capacity of the DHP X-Loft is around 200 lbs. Loft beds designed by the manufacturers are available in different shapes and sold in a variety of sizes. You don’t get one boring design but multiple options to select from.


  • The best materials were selected and used to make DHP X-Loft beds.
  • Models were designed in multiple shapes and different sizes to give you a ton of options to pick from.
  • The ladder is built on the front for convenience and easy climbing. It’s stable enough.
  • X-Loft supports a maximum weight load of 200 lbs.
  • It’s sold with a desk and saves a lot of room space.


  • The inclusion of a desk makes it more expensive than most designs.

Factors you need to consider when purchasing a loft bed

Arguably the best design currently rivaling the state of the bunk bed, the loft bed is outstandingly becoming beneficial and likewise space saving. Unlike with the former, you can store a variety of items underneath the loft bed section.

In case your child needs a safe playground within the house, you can utilize the little space by fitting with toys and safe playing items. This ensures that your children enjoy their free time, have fun and are kept safe within the house.

For those who would love to have a desk attached to the bed and still delivered to your doorstep, there’s no need to worry. Other models come with working tables, either beneath or beside the bed.

Most of the builds that were designed for children are affordable. Multiple varieties of different brands are available for purchase, so there’s actually no restrictions to the best alternatives to what you can pick for your loved one.

Loft beds are designed to give you comfort, convenience, quick access as well as more space to fit any other items in the room. Let’s look at some of the advantages these makes have to offer.

Saves space

Any loft bed for children is built to give you more room beneath the bed that you can maximize to create enough space for a playground. Even though it isn’t that large, it’s fitting enough to cater as a long day playing station for your child without causing boredom to him or her.

You can always add a table, chair or desk to the side to create a study attachment. This way, it’s easier to access your books and also rest whenever you feel tired.

There are so many space saving designs that come with multiple options you can explore and utilize to your full advantage. In case you room is small, a loft compartment will ensure you have the three tier sequence in one place; having fun, studying and sleeping.

You’ll never get bored.

Offers spare storage options

Loft beds are and may be designed with shelves on the sides to provide additional storage units in case you are operating from a small room or sharing with other people.

In the event that your bed isn’t designed with a row of one, you can still check the options available to determine if the model supports the placement of artificial ones.

With shelves in place, you have a new option to store books and any other essentials you would require to be kept safe, neat, intact and more in order.

The bed designs will give you the extra room for creating a temporal dressing cabinet by lining curtains that can be drawn conveniently from within.

Apart from using the space as a changing room, you can organize space around the bed, either on the shelves or on the space underneath the bed so that you can keep your clothes neat and lined.

Children will enjoy the storage options as well. They can use the space to keep their books and toys. All these storage units ensure that rooms stay organized most of the time.


The aspect of functionality raises a question of who particularly the loft bed is designed for.

Technically speaking, loft beds are perfect accessories for both kids and adults. That’s why multiple designs have been created and are being offered in markets.

Most of the builds are immaculately contrived. Elegant models are available for all. Some loft beds for children are built with slides.

Taller models are sturdier as these are more preferred by adults. They are usually the less sporadic designs. They fulfill the primary objective of a bed while providing users with unlimited study, sleeping, playing and storage options.


When acquiring any product being marketed for use by your child, always ensure safety is heeded to from the very start, especially for children aged 3 years and above.

One important thing to look at is the presence of safety rails. These accessories are there to keep your child confined within the bed and prevent him or her from falling too far down, an incident that may result in a fatalistic injury.

The edges of the bed should be checked as well. Find a bed whose edges have either been dulled or well covered and protected. Sharper edges are dangerous and may cause serious or painful harm to your child as he plays about.

Children need a ladder to find their way to the top bed. Ensure the ladder is stable and isn’t wobbly. Rickety steps easily give in to weight which may force the whole system to fall and crumble in a nanosecond.

How convenient the ladder will be is a matter of age. Younger children require shorter and more stable steps. You can purchase a model with a slide to make it easier and  more fun for them to come down when they are on the top.


Full-size beds and twin designs are available for all adults and teenagers. Most of the beds will accommodate adults because their weight limitations are higher than in those designed for kids.

Loft beds are convenient options for adults whenever there’s a need to save space. This may be the case when you are heading for college or when living in a smaller apartment where you happen to share most of the space with one or two roommates.

Other factors you should consider


Most beds are designed to hold twin mattresses. Nevertheless, there are models that can be fitted with full-size designs. Selection on this ground is a matter of choice and preference, so you got to choose your options wisely.

Even as you pick a sizeable design, ensure that your comfort is amongst the primary considerations. Check with the space you have in your room to determine whether it’s large enough to fit the bed and any other accompaniments. It should fit with zero quandaries.

Another thing that most people tend to ignore when purchasing loft beds is the structural outlay of the house. Be sure to cater for the space above and below the bed. Check if the ceilings are inclined and how convenient it will be for you to get to sleep.


For a child, it’s important to consider the height of the step ladder. Children aren’t that swift and careful at climbing tall ladders. A shorter one is way safer. 

In addition, you need to know how much weight the ladder will hold without breaking to pieces. Ensure that your choices are in line with sanctioned mattress measurements provided by the manufacturers.

The mattress you choose shouldn’t be too lofty. Tall mattresses don’t got too well with guard rails. They often surpass the heights and render them ineffective at keeping you or your child in bed.

You should also know which way you enter and whether it’s safe and easy for the child to climb that way. Assembly is a critical process when putting a loft bed to work.

Instructions will be provided, so follow them to the latter to avoid getting into accidents or injuries.

Weight and the limits

Weights surpassing the provided limits are likely to jeopardize the constructional framework of the bed. Wooden designs are built to sustain heavier loads as compared to plastic or metallic builds.

However, you shouldn’t overstep the provided restrictions as it only wears the bed faster. A bed whose destructive days are near and you know nothing of may lead to injury as well as a ton of irremediable damage.

Other accessories that will add to the total weight on the bed include mattresses, duvet, blankets and pillows. Sum these totals to know exactly the loads compromising your bed’s holding capacity.


Go for a model that lasts. All loft beds are usually built with the framework’s design as the first step. Ensure the framework is stable enough to support you or any of the younger family members when you care to pass it through.

Wood lasts longer compared to any other material. Nevertheless, metallic designs are similarly sturdy and safe. The only downside to the latter is it easily bends or loosens on the joints hence the need for constant repair. Find a loft bed that will serve you just as it’s designed to.


A comfortable bed will match your needs for luxury and comfort. Most edges are too sharp. This has been taken care of by adding foam to prevent injuries when children accidentally hit their heads on the sides.

Safety equals comfort. The bed’s design should give the child an easy time getting to the top. Even when you sleep, the framework shouldn’t cause a strain that may hurt your back.

Shelves and bookcases

These are usually built in. They are perfect for storing books, shoes and clothing. Primarily, they are designed to ensure you stay organized. They are convenient options even though some need to be acquired separately.

Desk/working space

When reporting for college, finding comfortable workspaces in and out of your apartment may be a problem.

To make your stay easier, loft beds were designed with built-in desks that attach to the sides or under the bed to ensure you have a comfortable working station far from noise and any other distractions.

The slide feature

In case your kid often gets hurt trying to climb down the ladder, consider acquiring a bed with the slide feature. The accessory is not too precipitous. Likewise, your child will have fun sliding through every morning.

Common materials used in making loft beds

Wood is pretty solid and high quality. It’s very heavy, doesn’t creak and can sustain higher weight limitations.

Metal is very common and is used to design many loft beds. You can easily assemble metallic designs because of their flexibility. They are lightweight. However, you shouldn’t go past the weight restrictions.

Plastic is also lightweight, cheap and available in multiple colors. They are safe for children as their edges aren’t sharp.

Mixed materials often include plastic and wood or plastic and metal. The designs are affordable options that not only save you a lot of funds but are also easier to put together.

Conclusion & What is the Best Loft Bed

As we provide these recommendations, we pay close attention to all your needs whatsoever. We look at the safety of your child, the space you need as an adult and how convenient the model is when it comes down to assembly.

That’s why we narrowed our options to the DHP X-Loft. It is a space saver that is sold with a workable desk. You can fit a regular twin mattress but you should purchase this separately.

Safety rails have been installed on the sides and a comfortable ladder attached on the front for easier access.

The loft bed is available in numerous shapes and designs. You get an amazing variety to choose from. X-Loft beds are designed with the best materials. With DHP, quality precedes everything else.

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