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Best Loft Bed with Stairs


Top Loft Beds with Steps

What would you like a loft bed to be? How do you view the convenience options and how exactly do you plan to use it?

These and many other questions race through our minds whenever we’re in the frenzy to purchase loft beds for our kids.

We always know that our kids need the perfect models as resting places, but how exactly do we know so? How do we sift all these options beforehand to come up with one particular design that will serve as the ultimate bunkum for your child to rest and play?

All these questions boil down to one resonate answer; convenience. You need the loft bed to be as commodious as possible and still provide the rest the young one needs.

Unequivocally, the most expedient model is the loft bed with a staircase. These models offer more realistic feels to your children’s rooms and the stairs put in place instead of the conventional ladders prove to be safer and easier for kids to climb on as they access their beds.

They offer a comfortable playing space for kids and still save on space around their rooms. Luckily, there are many options for anyone who is new to the market. We’ve detailed a comprehensive guide with the best options for your children; it’s all about comfort and safety.

1. Max & Lily

This brand tops out list of prime models in view of its distinguishable quality. Max & Lily loft beds are available in white colored designs, all built to defy the test of time and a heavy range of weights pressured on it.

Pine is the major raw material in the creation of this loft bed. Finishing touches were made possible with a few elements of wood. The terminal design is an elegant piece of furniture with a consummation to reckon.

Even though the model isn’t as tall as other designs, it still offers a lot of free interspace. Such room can be utilized as a playing ground for the children.

The model is perfect for a house with a low ceiling. You can install the staircase either on the right or left of the bed.


  • The Max & Lily design is stable and durable. It supports up to 400 lbs of weight.
  • It’s inexpensive and an affordable option for your loved one.
  • The staircase can be installed on either side of the loft bed.
  • Pine is a high quality material.
  • Guard rails are placed on the side to keep your child safe.


  • Smaller parts of the model might choke younger children as they play.


The bed is designed with it’s natural color. Nothing artificial has been added to the design. It’s an original loft bed whose elementary structure hasn’t been tampered with.

A lot of storage units are built in to provide your loved one with enough storage space for essentials. The drawers are built in and can easily be accessed for necessities.

The staircase can be fastened on either side of the bed. It depends on your preference. It’s also stable and can comfortably support up to 350 lbs of weight.

The natural design is created from pinewood, a quality and durable product of wood.


  • The structure of SCANICA loft beds is sturdy and isn’t shaky.
  • The natural color and edifice of pinewood gives it a fresh and elegant look.
  • The drawers provide users with more storage space as well as easy access to stored items.
  • It’s staircase is stable. The bed supports 350 lbs of weight.


  • The rails are not sturdy.
  • It’s rather difficult to assemble the bed.

3. South Shore

South Shore is a twin size bed primarily designed to save you a lot of space. It’s advisable that you install it close to a corner to enjoy it’s convenient placement and the spaciousness that comes with it.

A safe staircase is attached to the side. It’s also stable and strong, so your child will climb to the top with no worries.

Besides the immense open space you get from adjoining the bed against the walls, you can enjoy the storage space below the bed. This can be used to keep shoes, toys or utilized as a playing spot for the kid.


  • This loft bed comes with a 5 year warranty on purchase.
  • It’s a stable model that ultimately saves you space within the room.
  • The bed structure leaves free storage space which you can use to store toys and other playing stuff.
  • The staircase is safe and stable.


  • The bed is pretty shaky.
  • You need three or more people to aid in installation as it takes long to put everything together.

4. Bedz King

The stairway of this loft bed is in built. This creation technique makes it more stable and less shaky. It’s perfect for small children who have just learned to walk and are adjusting to steps. It’s totally safe.

The stairway can be placed either side. However, installing the staircase should be done carefully. Ensure that the accessory is tightly secured to the bed and it’s not wobbly.

Assembling the bed and readying it for use is an easy task. The bed when mounted, leaves a space underneath that you should use as a storage unit.


  • This is a high quality bed that functions perfectly. It’s also stable.
  • Storage space is left when the model is propped up.
  • It takes less time to assemble.


  • Some parts of the bed are of considerably poorer quality.
  • It’s a high-priced model.

5. ACME Furniture

It’s a white loft bed built elegantly and priced reasonably, a combo that’s hard to come across nowadays. The builders of this furniture put in more time and effort in creating a quality model for their customers.

The chest is a luxurious collection of high-end drawers that facilitate safe storage. A number of compartments have been added to the lower bottom to serve as dressers. The attachable headboards are similarly voluptuous. It’s a piece with no actual blemish.

ACME is a twin design that has a ton of accessories on board. Assembly is a one time affair that requires more hands. Nonetheless, be rest assured, piecing the puzzles isn’t as hard as bringing them together. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.


  • The company is hailed by many purchasers for its wonderful customer service.
  • It’s not only elegant but also affordably priced.
  • ACME is a high quality design that works seamlessly.
  • Dressers, chests and headboards are part of the unique accessories that come with this asset.


  • It’s expensive and may take long to assemble in the absence of collective effort.

Aspects that are worthwhile to consider when purchasing a loft bed with stairs

It’s a guarantee that the best options will serve your kin diligently without causing accidents in the process. We gathered some helpful criteria for selection and additional benefits in case you are planning to acquire a loft bed with stairs for a loved one.

The variety of options

Loft beds are crafted differently. Manufacturers work hard to create unique assets that are generally acceptable by a fair majority in modern markets. This has created a ton of variety in the designs made available for sale.

Basically, there are at least six different categories of loft beds with stairs: the basic designs, twin makes, dresser options, study beds, contemporary designs and the slide models.


These are usually elevated but with a lot of space to spare underneath the bunks. This space becomes helpful in the event that you need to store items or create a playing station for the kids.

Additionally, you can add a small bed to this space. Toys can be stuffed as well. The space is large enough to fit an entire desk. In case you like it the way it is, you might decide to keep it free.

Twin vs full designs

Most of the designs currently being offered in markets are twin models. It’s the more preferable option for families because it’s actually a two-in-one asset: In case you have two children who age approximately the same, this is the option to go with.

Twin mattresses are also available in most stores. Acquiring them won’t be problematic.

Dresser options

A dresser accessory comes with a sleeping setup on the top. A dresser is installed underneath the bunk. Unlike a conventional dresser, this specific design is efficient and saves space.

In addition, the models have shelves that give you the extra space to keep personal items such as clothes, books and toys.


Most of these are delivered with desks to provide working stations. They also support the installation of shelves for books as well as any other items related to studying.

Some even have built in desks where you can keep laptops and personal computers. The flat boards the desks provide give you the perfect space to carry out your assignments.

Contemporary designs

The essence of concurrent designs is to spawn a modern touch and consequently serve the greater market with original pieces.

There are numerous designs with different shapes, all these are created to promote new feels to modern work. These are not just loft beds, they are unique pieces of art.

Slide versions

In case you have a child who is learning how to walk and isn’t accustomed to the use of ladders, a slide design would be convenient. They are not only easier to slide through but also fun for the kids.

The small space posterior to the slide can be designed to resemble a fortress, to consequently add to the limitless options the children can have for fun.


How flexible is your loft bed? A flexible option will provide ample room to enjoy or utilize for other storage options. Likewise, the most versatile designs come with cupboards that are built within. They provide you with lots of storage options.

These include dressers for storing clothing wear, chests that provide multiple cabinets and wide zones that serve as playing grounds for your children.


It’s either metal or wood for a loft bed with stair steps. As you look for the better material between the two, check the style or design the bed is built in to determine if it suits your needs.

Wood products are more durable. Metal designs bend easily but are strong and durable. Installing metallic beds will take less time compared to erecting woodenware.

All in all, finding the ultimate product for your needs relies absolutely on your taste or particular liking for style. Different designs are built with different styles, there are models that come with dressers, shelves, desks, and there are those that can be fitted with slides.


The strongest materials are usually the best. They enhance the structure of the design and last a long time. Metallic designs are lightweight and easier to assemble.

Even as you find a durable model, ensure the design is equipped with proper ventilation. Disassembly should be as easy as putting the model together. This will make transportation routines easier, especially when you are constantly on the move.


Your comfort and your kids’ safety should be the top priority when acquiring loft beds. Similarly, the designs should have adequate room for the kids to move unhindered. Pick a design whose edges won’t stick into your kids’ heads as they play.

The staircase is an integral part of the loft bed. When installing it, adjoin all the parts correctly to make sure it isn’t wobbly. The advantage of a staircase is that it’s fairly easy for small children to find their way through. They barely stumble.

After careful evaluation, we found the ACME Furniture to be the best loft bed with stairs. It’s a quality design that isn’t as overpriced as conventional models.

You will love the customer service from the manufacturers. They are well committed to serving you even after the completion of business transactions.

The design comes with multiple luxurious chests, a couple of dressers and headboards. It’s a twin design and pretty easy to assemble. The final build is sturdy. Overall, it’s an elegant design you should acquire.

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