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Best Loft Bed with Desk

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Top Loft Beds with Desks

Loft beds are slowly growing to become the most convenient furniture designs on the planet, probably because of the varied nature of the models. Children will appreciate the designs with slides as well as playgrounds underneath, but what about the desk?

In the same way, loft beds with desks are efficient and versatile like any other designs on the market. They offer multiple storage options as well as spaces that serve as dressers.

Conventional dressers tend to take a lot of space so having one underneath the loft bed is a plus.

There are so many advantages that come with the acquisition of loft bed designs with desks. The desks offer suitable places to indulge in work. Most of the designs have desks set up beneath the beds’ frameworks.

Others have the desks attached to the sides. Either way, it’s a convenient way to save on space and storage. A lot of models are available. Averagely priced options serve no different from premium designs.

Our aim is to provide you with a range of sturdy options, designs that won’t give in to weight after a few months, but durable models that will serve you and your loved ones for years to come.


With this loft bed, your kid could easily maneuver around to access the bed or desk the way he or she prefers. There are a variety of storage options that you can utilize to keep clothes, books, shoes and toys.

I love this model primarily because of its elementary design. Everything is easy to understand and operate so your kid will be in a safe haven. The basic materials used to construct the bed are pine and wood. They are strong and durable.

Assembling various parts for installation isn’t that complex because everything conjoins perfectly. The dark accent gives the model an additional touch of elegance. This has been a quality purchase for most parents.


  • The bed saves a lot of space with the desk option closely attached.
  • You can maximize the storage space left open by the bed for keeping other essentials.
  • The cabinets on the desk drawers give your kids space to keep books and stationery.


  • It’s quite difficult to put the bed together. Sometimes you need to drill additional holes to fit every accessory.

2. DHP

DHP is one of the few brands that’s renowned for delivering quality products at affordable prices. This particular model is made of metal. It bears a silver shade that’s added a simplistic and stylish finish to the overall design. You’ll love it when your see it.

The metal frames used to put together the whole design are durable. To give the bed more sturdiness, quality metal planks have been attached just below the bunk. The desk is conveniently fixed to the frame below the bed thus saves a lot of space.

It’s very easy to assemble the bed. It’s a process that won’t take much of your time. Additionally, the purchase is worth the value. It’s an affordable loft bed.


  • It’s simple and stylish. It’s available in a few shades of silver colors.
  • DHP is a renowned brand. It’s popular for providing quality assets to consumers.
  • The metallic staves were reinforced to provide more support.
  • The bed can be assembled in less than an hour. It just needs a few people to lend a hand.


  • Most purchasers complained of poor quality parts.

3. Hillsdale Furniture

This piece is available in a variety of gray colors. It’s more original and is a twin size model made purely of wood.

The desk is placed in hind posterity to the ladder. Generally, it’s an easy model to assemble. Most people love this piece because of the high quality parts. The bed is durable and sustains heavy weights without falling apart.

It can fit in a small space and still save you storage expanses at the same time. It’s affordable and won’t stretch on your budget as much.


  • Hillsdale loft beds are available in multiple gray colors.
  • The twin size capacity supports two children. It’s stable, strong and durable enough to hold their weights.
  • It’s easy to put together.
  • The parts of this bed are high quality. 
  • This bed easily fits in small rooms.


  • Assembly would take three people to comfortably put up the bed.
  • It’s a little shaky.

4. Rosebery Kids

The design not only has a desk but also a dresser for the occupants. Normal dressers often take  a lot of storage space. This specific design has a storage-efficient wardrobe that will make you forget about the need for a new chiffonier on the other side of the room.

The bed is a twin size model so you can put as many as two kids on the same design, it’s convenient, comfortable and safe.

Poplar wood is the major material used to create this wonderful piece of furniture. Additionally, precision was integrated into the make to give the final product an elegant finish.

There’s a lot of space to utilize for storage, starting from the drawer to the bureaus.


  • The side rail is heavily bolted to prevent any accidental falls from happening.
  • Quality materials were used in the making. Poplar wood is the main material. It’s remarkably durable.
  • There are many storage options with the loft bed. The desk has multiple cabinets. The dresser will give you  an additional storage unit for wear.


  • You need to purchase the upper bunk shelf separately.
  • It’s expensive.
  • The package is sometimes delivered with damaged parts.

5. Giantex

Giantex is a black twin size loft bed. The bed is made of high quality materials. It’s frame is built of steel, a durable and long-lasting metal. It’s because of this strong structure that the model is able to hold heavy weights without collapsing.

Each joint is tightly bolted so there’s no way the hinges will creak or break away from each other. It’s sturdy, stable and will last years without rusting or bending.

The guard rails are necessary for safety. A lot of storage space has been achievable thanks to the shelves on the sides.


  • You can easily put this model together.
  • It’s spacious and gives your child ample room to store clothing, toys and books.
  • It’s built with guard rails for safety.
  • It’s an unsophisticated loft bed, perfectly suited for young children.
  • High quality materials including steel are used to build the bed.


  • It’s a pricey model.
  • Some parents complain of unclear instructions during installation.

Factors to consider when choosing a loft bed with a desk

Every purchase brings with it a range of determinants to carefully look into before making final assumptions in relation to acquisitions.

With loft beds, a lot has to be considered. Here are some key factors we strongly advise to comply with even as you choose the loft design of your liking.


Space is all about storage. How much space is left for you to keep clothes, toys for the child, books and any other important documents? Does the design provide the user with enough leg-room and free space to move around?

The addition of small cabinets on the desk gives users an extra storage unit. They can exploit such to their full advantage by keeping books and documents.

Most importantly, the desk provides users with enough room to study. One benefit of loft beds with desks is that they provide more storage options but still leave the rest of the room with more space for dwellers to utilize.


The first thing that attracts a buyer to a particular product more especially a piece of furniture is usually the design.

Stylish pieces are more elegant and classy. Acquiring them not only gives you a special kind of contentment but also guarantees that you’re adding a unique accessory to your vast collection. You’ll definitely feel proud with your choice.

To give users a variety of options with style, designers have created models in different shapes. There are so many brands out there trying each day to create a unique entry that would woo customers their way, so it’s a guarantee that a lot of options are there for you.

It’s just a matter of choice. As a consumer, it doesn’t feel good being left out. It’s vital that you stay atop trendy designs. A model with unique color options would be great. A design that is catchy to the eye.

Nonetheless, as much as you try to find a cool design, keep in mind the quality of each part, the model’s durability and whether you are trying to compromise on peculiarity with style.

Durability/materials used

The most familiar materials with loft beds are wood and metal. Mahogany is a heavy wood that would warrant life-long use of the design built from it.

It’s sturdy and supports the heaviest of weights for years on end. The only downside to this material is it’s rarity, and rare is precious, so it’s ultimately pricey.

The alternative to wood is metal. Steel is the most preferred option due to its durability and quality. It doesn’t support rusting and barely gives in to bends, folds and breakages. It’s also lightweight and gives you a lot of flexibility with assembly.

Metal has cheaper maintenance costs. All in all, the choice you make should depend on your demands, the need for quality, and budgetary measures you set in place.


The instructions manual is usually provided with the product during purchase. In case it’s unavailable, contact the manufacturer for a copy or a precise guide on how to go about the set up procedures.

When propping the loft bed, follow every bit of information provided on the instructions guide to ensure you get everything right. By doing so, you won’t harm yourself or helpers. Similarly, you should manage to put up a stable design at the end of the day.


Most of the loft beds being offered for sale are moderately priced. Incase you need a high quality asset and you wouldn’t prefer spending too much, there are a ton of affordable models that you can still pick from.

However, it’s always wiser to start you investments early enough so that purchasing the model you like most becomes just but a one-time agenda.

This is the safest and surest way to not only get a quality product but also a design that can last you and your younger siblings a whopping decade or so.


Largeness has two sides two it, the size of the bed and the dimensions to your room. The perfect design should be sizeable but not too large such that it may be impossible to fit in your room.

As you purchase the bed, check the location of the desk to know if it is to be placed underneath the bed or side by side. The ones that are attached on the side tend to take more space compared to the pre-installed ones beneath the bunk.


It’s always vital to check for safety every time you’re purchasing an asset for a child. The safest bed will definitely be the most comfortable.

In case the model is designed with sharp peripheries on the sides, ensure that they are reinforced with foam to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Additionally, don’t forget to adhere to the weight restrictions as surpassing the limitations may end disastrously.

Conclusion & What is the Best Loft Bed with Desk Underneath

The major difference between loft beds with desks and conventional designs is the formers’ ability to provide comfortable working stations for users while still maximizing storage in minimal spaces.

Desks can be placed anywhere between the sides to spaces underneath the top bunks. All the options you are looking for are available, you just have to carefully examine the products for the unique one encompassing all the features; sturdiness, elegance, durability and comfort.

Our best pick for a quality loft bed is the Giantex. It’s a twin size model designed from heavy duty steel. It’s frame is stable and durable. Plus it’s unsusceptible to break downs or collapsing. The joints are tightly riveted.

Getting a bed ready for use starts with installation. This specific one can easily be put up. It’s designed with a less complex approach and features multiple shelves for convenient storage.

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