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What Is A Loft Apartment?


Loft-Style Apartments Guide

Loft apartments are among the best apartment choices one can make today. This choice has enough space for expansion and versatility in terms of varieties of home décor.  

Hence, if you are searching for a cool apartment to refer to as home that offers many benefits, the loft apartment should be on your list. The loft apartment has gone past the old-setting; that’s why it must be on your list. This should be your choice, especially if you are open to a new setting that is different from your former apartments.  

What Is A Loft Apartment?

Generally, lofts are known to be old buildings meant for industrial purposes, but eventually transformed into a modern home. They are characterized by brick walls, beams, high ceilings and exposed pipes.

Although a real loft is meant for industrial means, the latest builders now build this style to offer the feel and look of a loft to meet people’s needs.

Lofts can be compared to an efficient apartment such as a studio since they are constructed as single apartments with open space and no internal walls. This doesn’t include their bathrooms, so don’t worry about your privacy in there.  

Looking at it from another aspect, lofts are substantial; they offer enough space than their counterparts, the pint-sized specifically.  

Some complexes and property managers now ensure there is more space in their lofts than the traditional ones. They construct more bedrooms in their attics to boost privacy. This is so ideal if you wish to live with someone. 

Some lofts feature vertical staircases that lead to many open areas inside the loft—those open spaces used as living rooms or bedrooms. The loft apartment is suitable to house many people, due to the new expansion feature in some of them. Asides this, the loft is what you should go for if you desire urban lifestyle and distinctive charm in your home.

Lofts are usually found in old industrial environments in urban cores. You may also be lucky to locate one in the city because complexes now imitate it.

What Makes Lofts Apartments and Traditional Apartments Different?

In case you still don’t get what a loft is, let’s show you why they are not to be called traditional apartments.

Traditional apartments are constructed in studio standard, a single or multiple room apartment. They also come with a living room, toilet, kitchen, bathroom and at times dining room.    

As for lofts, they are usually transformed from former industrial buildings and warehouses, which makes amenities rare in many of them. Although they have some unique charms such as a roof deck or a courtyard gathering space, it’s tough to find a loft with amenities, especially in an original loft. This is to say that, in a loft apartment that is constructed to imitate a loft, you will find the necessary amenities.  

Pros of Renting A Loft Apartment

Before you head straight to sign a lease on a massive new loft apartment, ensure you know and understand all the pros of lofts.

Lofts Are Spacious with High Ceilings and Open Spaces.

If you are fed up with living in an urban apartment, the loft is the best place for you to live. This is because they offer massive space alongside an open space that gives adequate room for decoration and experimentation. You can divide it up to have a work and play area. Living in a loft will make you feel like you are living in a very larger apartment, courtesy of its high ceilings. 

Traditional apartments don’t usually offer the kind of open-concept lifestyle that lofts provide tenants. This is one impressive attribute that makes lofts a desirable home for some people.

This advantage will also permit you to decide to live in it with a roommate or live independently. This also gives your children enough space to run around, which means it a beautiful place to stay in with your family.

Trending in An Improved Industrial-Style 

If you have seen real estate shows or home décor before, you will believe that the latest industrial loft standard is at rage now. This gives you the opportunity to dive into the modern trend and give your loft the theme you love. 

Lofts have a rustic style which they derive from the exposed beams and bricks. Well, the outcome of this is a beauty to behold in the loft. You may maintain the little modern look it has or adds aesthetic to your loft apartment.   

Experiment with Space 

Traditional apartments are generally defined and challenging to experiment with, but this is not the case with loft apartments. It’s more comfortable for you to experiment with lofts due to its vast space. You can map out, switch and maximize the space the way you like.

It’s even possible to carve out each living area with necessary furniture and partitions to derive space and privacy. For instance, you can create a living room and bedroom from it.

Cons of Renting A Loft Apartment

Like all good things, there are a few drawbacks to a loft apartment. They are: 

There Is No Traditional Storage Concept

Don’t forget that a loft apartment is not the same as a traditional apartment. Therefore, common storage space is absent in the loft, such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and more.  

This is a problem if you have many things to arrange in a storage space, and this could be pricey to install in a loft.

Absence of Amenities

Living in a loft apartment means you will lack access to amenities like roof decks. Except you repurpose or convert the loft. In modern loft apartments, you may find amenities needed, but they will be highly expensive than typical lofts.

Expensive Utility Bills

You may find a typical loft utility to be outdated, and of course, there will be the need to replace them.

The best thing to do is to think of how you will improve the loft to make it look better for you to live in it. This could involve making the windows stronger or purchasing better appliances.  Unfortunately, property managers or landlords may not be ready to do any of these or more, even when you pay for the rent.   This puts you in the position of spending on this, and that will be too expensive. 

Additionally, when checking out the loft, discuss with the landlord, to know if there are utility costs or amenities that will make you spend extra money. If there is any, add them to your monthly expenses.

Should I Rent A Loft Apartment?

If you want a larger space then, you can go ahead with renting a loft. Lofts are also suitable for urban dwellers that need a place to call home.  

However, if you are the type of person that like an apartment with myriads of amenities, cozy space and a properly defined one, loft is not for you. 

Loft Apartments Conclusion

With the information in this article, you should already have adequate knowledge of a loft apartment. This should be at the back of your mind as you hunt for the perfect apartment. 

Besides this, the apartment list will help you identify the most appropriate loft apartment that you desire.  

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