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Rooms from the Runway: A Little Blue Box…

Gentlemen… you’ll have to forgive me for the girlish nature of today’s post. I promise to make it up to you soon. But, this Rooms from the Runway pairing is definitely fit for a lady. Because, really, what other color has been known to make us swoon more than that little blue box…

rooms-from-the-runway-alexis-mabille-dominoFrom the fall couture shows comes this feminine dress by Alexis Mabille, trimmed with feathers and perfectly accented with a black bow. This ensemble has been begging me for Rooms from the Runway moment since I first saw it… and while I think it would be gorgeous for a loft space (painting walls a barely-there shade of blue with unexpected black accent pieces), when I saw this room from the late Domino Magazine, I knew it was a perfect match up.

I believe that everyone needs their own little space to decorate in a house–and if you’re lucky you actually have room to do it! Someday, I hope to have my own true office area just like this where I can go over-the-top girly in a similar sophisticated way without worrying for two seconds about what the boyfriend or husband might think. It’s a perfect translation of the colors in the dress, saturating the space with Tiffany blue, and just the right amount of black accents for drama.

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