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Loft Tour: Old Trolley Stop, Now Live/Work

The Bergamot Station is not just an internationally renown art and cultural center, but a remodeled warehouse that now serves as a variety of things. It’s a destination where visitors can check out a myriad of galleries and also discover where some of the artists’ dwell. The Bergamot Station is bustling with design firms, film studios, a bookshop, frame store, and cafe.

In 1994, it added on an entirely new building on site: The Bergamot Artist Lofts.  Pugh + Scarpa Architects created a phenomenal geometrically sound mixed-use of space. The ground level is comprised of four live/work lofts that all have a standard arrangement: two-story living/studio space with the mezzanine used predominantly for sleeping. In the early 1950’s, The Bergamot Station, formerly a historical transport stop along the now inoperative Red Car Line, served as an industrial hub for a hot water manufacturer.

Without compromising the raw industrial space, Pugh + Scarpa, preserved the rustic feel and original character of the industrial warehouse. The Bergamot Lofts have become not only the home to some artists, but a creative complex for visitors around the world to come and explore a mall of art galleries and more.







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