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TAKE THE TRIP: Venice Beach Eco-Cottages

From 1920s vacation rentals, to housing for migrant workers, then to 1970s-80s crack houses, the Venice Beach Eco-Cottages have seen many face lifts through the years. But its most recent rehab by owners, Cynthia Foster and Karel Samsom, has made the beach-side bungalows an appealing vacation rental.

Over nine months, the Eco-Cottages were refurbished and completely redesigned with ecological tastes and consciences while forgoing the typical components of a business plan and architect. The artist and environmentalist couple were their own contractors and say they approached the undertaking as “a giant mixed-media art project—the art of sustainability.”

Rejecting the use of petroleum and plastic products as well as anything made in China, the couple opted for purchases made at flea markets, eBay, and salvage yards. Going beyond the general installation of solar panels, they also found eco-companies that make organic mattresses, bedding, and shower curtains, and they even went as far as using recycled blue jeans for insulation.

As a renter you have your choice between three cottages, each aptly named for their stylized interiors:” ‘The Papa Hemingway Cottage’ is the sort of place to inspire pulp fiction. ‘Le Bébé Cottage’ mixes midcentury modern with Rococo flourishes. And ‘Aunt Zoe’s Place’ is like a cheery, kitschy lake cabin.”

For more information, you can call: 866.802.3110 or visit

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