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Looking Forward To: Charlotte Moss Decorates


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is almost here: March 22nd you may purchase the beautiful Charlotte Moss Decorates title from our favorite publishing house Rizzoli. We were lucky enough to snag a review copy and can assure you it is worth the purchase. In the book we are treated to gorgeous photographs of the amazingly layered, perfectly British stylings of this accomplished decorator who has continued to shape the World’s interiors one room at a time. A few favorite spaces include the one featured on the gorgeous cover: a garden room located in a house in Washington. You actually see a before picture that makes one realize that she started out with a bare, white room.

Moss creates atmosphere, charm, and character like no one else. Her gallery style hangings have so influenced other designers, it’s all you see in the magazines. Who else can get away with putting a canopy bed right in the middle of the room, only to then use a plush, over-sized ottoman as a side table. Now that’s chic. You can purchase the book directly from Rizzoli, or buy it on Amazon. Below is a sneak peak as to what’s in store.





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