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2010: Did you get your calendar yet?

Check out this tiny desktop calendar by Studio 8 Design. It’s like a stack of post-it notes but then the dates (numbers) 1 – 31 pop up with each month having its own individual color. It’s small, compact, and made by a British paper company that specializes in Italian papers called Fedrigoni.




Here’s another soild design for 2010 by Industries Stationery. The D31 Perpetual Calendar is black and simple with silkscreen numbers in white. 8.25 x 8.25 x 5.25″ thick. Get one now at $195.00


Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar: You may have to speak Russian to get your hands on one of these, but if I were you why not treat yourself to some Russian classes. With this calendar you’ll never have to get another one. The months are abbreviated to three letters. It has everything you could want and it’s eternally, environmentally sound. If you have a night out or a flight to catch, just place the special chips like “Deadline,” “Flight,” “Drink of the Day,” or “Don’t Drink Day,” and more!



What’s Etsy got in store for 2010?

This letterpress calendar is all hand-drawn and hand printed. It features a selection of pretty objects that are sketched from everyday life. Size: 6 x 10.5 inches
Paper: super duper heavy French cardstock
Bound with a metal bulldog clip, including a cardboard backing material. $24.00


Le Papier Studio, LTD Botanical 2010 calendar is sophisticated with the latest botanical designs printed on a creamy textured stock with rounded edges. It comes with a satin ribbon for hanging. $22.00



Also, check out Le Papier Studio, LTD 2010 Calendar Pillow. Just the enough touch of color and clean design. $42.00


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