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Loft Tour: Traditional Meets Modern in Minneapolis


For interior designer Andrew Flesher, furnishing contemporary settings with antiques and vintage collectibles is his trademark. Nowhere is this better displayed than in his Minneapolis loft. Complete with 13-foot-high ceilings, white concrete floors and an entirely open floor plan, Flesher has used more traditional upholstered pieces to decorate the space. The mix of old and new creates a fresh look, one that reinvents conventional modern d├ęcor.

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All images are from Gunkelman Flesher


i realize this has been up for awhile, but.......

what is the super shiny white flooring? please advise, as this is the look i want for my remodel. it needs to be very light and very shiny. thank you so much ; )
Posted by: elizabeth nees | 9/8/2012

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Posted by: Marietta Miller | 9/17/2011

Love! What products and processes are used to get the floors so white and shiny. Concrete Polishing? Paint? Clear Sealer? Please spell out all details if possible. I would like these floors for my condo which currently has carpet over concrete.
Posted by: Courtney Spencer | 4/8/2010

fantastic space - must know the artist of large-scale swirly "marbles", black red and blue...can you share?
Posted by: Erica McLoughlin | 4/17/2009

Thank you for all the kind words! The sofa is from R. Jones- out of Texas, but available through showrooms across the country. The fabric on te sofa is from Bergamo.
Posted by: Andrew Flesher | 2/17/2009

Love the simplicity of the look, with all the clutter out there, this is refreshing. Love it!
Posted by: tonic home | 2/17/2009

The linen sofa is exactly what I have been looking for! Where can I find it?
Posted by: Tracy Bishop | 2/14/2009

This is truly the most beautiful interior , I have ever seen !!! It takes my breath away !!!!
Posted by: Edwina O'Reilly | 2/13/2009

I've been in such a decorating rut lately and I think you just inspired me right out of it! Thank you for posting/sharing this space.
Posted by: Laurie Bertrand | 2/12/2009

a great space, very happy to have paintings of mine in the room and in the collection!
Posted by: harold hollingsworth | 1/27/2009

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