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Characteristics of A Loft House


Loft-Style Homes Guide

The characteristics of a loft house have undergone more improvement than ever. New buildings are constructed with loft homes, making it more available and better than a traditional loft. 

People hunt for homes that will satisfy their needs and personality, from the likes of eco-friendly houses to small homes. Most notably, if you desire a home with charm, A loft home style is the design that can suit your taste.

Loft house features maximum space with an open floor due to the absence of interior walls. Usually, lofts are made from reconstructing old industrial buildings or warehouses. They have been cozy homes for singles and young professionals for many decades.

Loft space shouldn’t just be like an ordinary studio loft apartment with little or no furnishing. You are free to maximize it with your idea style and décor. 

Here are the characteristics of a loft house;

Loft House Concept/Style

Lofts are always available in a reconstructed building that uses the open architecture to its advantage. At times, two lofts may have different characteristics, even if they exist in the same building.

Although they have different sizes and shapes, they will still exhibit some general characteristics of a loft house, regardless of location.

Open Floor Space

Huge open floor space is one of the notable characteristics of a loft house. This is because the loft house exists in renovated barns and warehouses. 

Another thing that is common in a loft house is high ceilings. Although the beams and ventilation concept of a loft house is usually in plain view, it feels great. Modern loft houses have this feature, because its imitated to give it a traditional loft house apartment look, and add aesthetic to it.   

If you don’t plan to manage your loft by utilizing the space, you will end up wasting a lot of space in your loft. You can prevent this by shaping out rooms with furniture, partitions or curtains. For instance, you can create a bedroom, kitchen, dining room and a living room with rugs or furniture. 


A loft house is characterized by the little effect of interior walls. This, alongside the open floor spaces and high ceilings, gives free flow of light and air for ventilation. This will make it comfortable to live in a loft with more than two persons. 

The major material used to construct the wall of a loft house is the exposed brick. This material is always sought after in the urban environment, because of its industrial aesthetic.

In the case of tiles for bathroom or kitchen backsplash, subway tiles are the trendy and industrial choice for any home and loft house. It is perfect for a loft house because it won’t mess up your loft apartment’s entire design.

Since lofts feature open floor concept, you should use unique drywall to get neutral and lighter shades in your loft home.  Selecting a bright color or black will give the loft a feel of a smaller apartment, and you may not like it.

Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are part of the things included in loft construction, and this is done to perfect its look by a designer. Due to the type of open floor a loft characterizes, a large window is a perfect choice. The reason is that there will be an inflow of light that will encompass the loft from the floor to the ceiling. It will also give it an additional definition.  

Loft Stairs

At times, designers maximize a loft’s space with a mezzanine. This gives the second floor and center square footage without losing its lower level. However, it would be best if you had a regular secure tool to reach the second floor. 

The majority of loft make use of ladders, and this is because of its eco-friendly feature. Ladders don’t occupy much space, which is good. But, if you will be using it frequently to reach your mezzanine floor, then it’s unsafe because it is unstable. 

Another choice is a traditional staircase; it’s the right choice for quick and easy access. This is a stable design, and it promises you security.

You may also think of a spiral stair. This is not a regular choice for lofts, but it’s an excellent medium for the first two options.

Loft Style Furniture

The type of furniture used in a loft should be different from the usual furniture used in a typical apartment. The primary reason for this is that a loft is not divided with walls. The best thing is to use versatile furniture that will offer several benefits for each room. In other words, the type of furniture you use in a loft must add value to the function of the zones you need in your loft house. 

Multi-purpose furniture is what you need in your loft house to maximize its space. 

Your choice of furniture can be used to define your loft mapping. For this reason, loft owners use multi-function furniture to their benefits. This is so since it saves the available space in a loft-style.   

The couch bed hybrid is the most popular pattern. It ranges from a metal frame futon to sectional and movable futon.  This is to say; you can have a movable cushion to serve as a full bed at night and seat during the day. 

You can also maximize your bed to create the storage spaces that your loft lack. This is achievable by putting drawers and storage under your bed. 


You can create lighting to get ambiance in your home. Again, a loft has an open floor feature; when you adopt the perfect light collection, there will be a massive difference in the loft. Such light must offer warmth and be able to fill the substantial space in your home.

But if you love the rustic look, go for dimmer lights such as candles. They will also give a unique accent to the open space.  

Did you know it’s a great idea to add draping string lights to your loft if you already have exposed beams on your ceiling? This will envelop your loft in a warm, and light feel.

Edison bulbs are quite a good option for you to use because it’s a very transparent bulb that reveals inner wiring.  

Loft Home Storage

It cannot be easy to get a space for storing and organizing your stuff in a loft. This not far-fetched from its open floor characteristics. This means you can only have the option to incorporate storage spaces in the loft to store things away from the basement.

A coffee table that has an open-top space for remotes and magazines is a great option. This table can be designed like a shadow box with an exposed window panel or you could hide it with a secure top.

Loft Houses Design Conclusion

We have carefully reviewed the characteristics of a loft house and how to maximize them to create it to suit your taste. Among the simple methods  available to boost your loft home include various interior designs like furniture, lighting, window, stairs and more. The amount you will spend to enhance the characteristics of lofts solely depends on your taste and capability.  

If you love the idea of a spiral stair, you should contact a designer as soon as you want it installed. A designer is in the right position to create the perfect spiral stair to boost the characteristics of a loft house.

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